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myHealthtrack partners with employers, health plans and Direct Health companies to cut MSK spend, reduce time wasted on unnecessary PT sessions, and improve member experience and outcomes.


Having a solution that improves care plan adherence from home will lead to reduced costs, better outcomes, less wasted time and overall greater patient/member satisfaction.

The Problem

Half of Americans suffer from one or more MSK conditions annually. MSK spend in the US amounts to nearly $340bn. When including the cost of employees missing work, it reaches nearly $600bn.

By the numbers:

  • $300bn: estimated healthcare costs wasted each year attributed to patients not following their prescribed treatment regimens.

  • 90%: percentage of employers that report MSK as their top medical claims spend.

  • 1 in 5: number of patients who reside in rural areas with a 17+ minute commute time to PT.

  • 3.6 million: number of Americans whose transportation issues result in them not receiving the MSK care they need.

  • 40%: number of people with chronic MSK pain who suffer from anxiety and depression.

Why myHealthTrack?

The easiest and most cost-effective solution to get your employees and members back to their optimal health.

Nearly 150 MSK programs

myHealthTrack delivers nearly 150 immediately-accessible, turn-key MSK programs that keep costs down, members happy and employees at work at a fraction of the cost of other virtual platforms.

Complete hands-off experience

myHealthTrack guides patients back to full activity without the need for direct telehealth interactions or in-person therapy sessions creating a new category for digital MSK solutions.

Engaged members

By delivering daily, digestible content to members on a daily basis, members are engaged and satisfied resulting in greater adherence which yields better outcomes, lower costs and improved efficiencies across the board.

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Data from a recent 10,000 patient cohort

Percentage of users who would recommend mHT to a friend
mHT members' rehabilitation adherence is 6x traditional PT
Cost savings versus traditional rehabilitation methods