Success Stories

Reviews from users we've helped recover from MSK injuries.

PT cannot get me in until the 18th so this app is all I have to start my rehabilitation. I am utterly amazed with the progress I have already made in just 4 days. I have a left knee medial meniscus tear and could barely bend my knee, walked with a terrible limp and was in a lot of pain. Since I did the first night of exercises everything has improved!!! The positive articles and recommendations for nutrition, foam roller exercises, everything is very helpful.

Rosa Marco

As I progressed through the scheduled exercises and motivational instruction I found them to be fully in sync with the healing process. It's been a comforting and constructive program! I highly recommend it for positive results.

Wallace Anderson

I find myHealthTrack a wonderful option to in person PT. The exercises are well explained and the video instructions are extremely helpful. It also provides the patient flexibility in when the exercises can be done from the comfort of your home. I would recommend to anyone to try first before in person PT.

Vivian Weaver

I like the exercises and the encouragement and the app. myHealthtrack exercises are better than outpatient therapy exercises. The videos assure that form is maintained. The structure provided by myHealthTrack is an asset to recovery.

Mai Tran

Better Engagement = Better Outcomes

myHealthTrack users average 27.2 sessions over 12 weeks and 70% feel they don't need any further care or rehabilitation after completing their track.

“The holistic approach to healing: physical + psychological + emotional/spiritual resources.”

Ulises Rivera

“This is a great way to lead the patient through recovery!”

Irene Villar

“I appreciate the reminders, the valuable information, the exercises, and the tools available on the app. This is an amazing app, I'm grateful to have access to it.”

Bill Windsor

“Daily support is very helpful, love the exercises and being able to watch the videos and description of the exercises, like how it tracks each day and recovery, really appreciate the doctor's messages!”

Matthew Atwood

“Ease of use, usefulness, sense of support, variety of support, the ability to see the totality of the experience; from pre-op through rehab, the exercises and daily guides.”

Brody Winfield

Data from a recent 10,000 patient cohort

felt MHT positively impacted their outcome
felt MHT was their primary source of information during their recovery
felt MHT increased the value they received from their doctor