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Press myHealthTrack receives Software-as-a-Medical-Device designation from the FDA enabling RTM reimbursement

San Diego, CA - - myHealthTrack, the leading direct-to-provider MSK injury recovery platform, is today announcing the Software-as-a-Medical Device designation they received in January 2023 from the FDA. This milestone has enabled myHealthTrack to be utilized by providers nationally to generate federal and commercial reimbursement revenue.

Since January, myHealthTrack has helped practices nationwide achieve their Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) reimbursement goals with an intuitive reporting framework that offers an efficient way for providers to monitor their patients remotely.

"Our mission has always been to provide the best possible experience to both patients and providers," said myHealthTrack CEO, Jason Burns. "Over the past few years, we've focused our attention on creating the best experience possible for patients to improve care plan adherence, patient experience and outcomes - all of which fill the much needed gap in healthcare. Now, we're able to combine that with an unmatched provider experience that can be leveraged to generate meaningful RTM revenue for their practices - which substantially impacts our ability to scale."

Working with Karen Zupko & Associates (KZA), a leading billing consultancy firm for nearly 40 years with experience advising The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), myHealthTrack has developed a streamlined reporting program to enable providers to simply introduce this into their current clinic and billing workflows and get started immediately.

"myHealthTrack has made a dramatic impact on my practice at Tri-County Orthopedics," says Dr. Kenneth Montgomery, Head Team Physician for the New York Jets. "myHealthTrack improves my in-clinic workflow as I can offload patient education to the app, deliver an innovative recovery companion to my patients, and now I can bill for monitoring my patients' activity through the app generating significant revenue for my practice. myHealthTrack should be a compelling offering for any practice."

About myHealthTrack

myHealthTrack is a MSK injury recovery platform digitally delivering a professional athlete caliber experience, cost effectively and conveniently to every patient. MHT's platform empowers physicians and rehab providers to increase their patient experience, generate revenue and reduce expenses, while providing greater guidance, monitoring and outcomes. The company has collaborated with top sports physicians, psychologists, trainers and therapists to develop over 150 injury specific programs that coach, motivate and track patients to achieve better results with more confidence. The platform is currently used by physicians and rehab providers across 15 markets.

Data from a recent 10,000 patient cohort

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