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Injury Recovery Reimagined

myHealthTrack is a mobile app empowering providers to remotely extend world-class care through daily, digestible content that coaches patients through an optimized recovery journey.


Provider Partners

Boston Shoulder Institute
Columbia Orthopedics
Hospital for Special Surgery
Kaiser Permanente
Tri-County Orthopedics
UT Ortho

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The myHealthTrack Approach

When a professional athlete gets hurt, they're surrounded by a multi-million dollar network of rehab professionals to help support them through each step of their recovery journeys. myHealthTrack integrates each provider's protocols with content created by the best-of-the-best in the sports rehab community to deliver an elite recovery experience to ALL patients through a cost-effective and convenient app solution.

Built by pros

myHealthTrack has collaborated with renowned physicians, sports psychologists and trainers to develop a mental and physical framework that guides, motivates and tracks patients back to their active lifestyles.

Procedure specific care plan, with timely information and virtual check-ins
Encouraged goal completion and celebrated milestones
Guided home exercise program and progress monitoring
Mental wellness and mindset coaching

Who uses myHealthTrack?

From early years to golden years

myHealthTrack provides tailored guidance uniquely designed for all ages and activity levels including young kids, high school & collegiate athletes, active adults, professional athletes and seniors.

How Everyone Wins

Elite Care, Less Cost, Better Outcomes

myHealthTrack is your roadmap to an optimized recovery experience providing the guidance you need, when you need it, through each stage of your recovery.

For Patients

myHealthTrack is your roadmap to a healthy recovery, guiding you through everything you need to know, do and feel at the right time, throughout each stage of your comeback journey.

Advantages for patients:

Return to an active lifestyle faster and stronger, while reducing risk of re-injury
Reduce out of pocket medical expenses and wasted time
Optimize recovery outside of the clinic through your customized virtual care plan
Mental health coaching and Social Support Circles
Weekly provider check-ins and AI tools to track progress

For Physicians

myHealthTrack is your platform to partner with your patients to guide them through their tailored care plan resulting in better outcomes, lower costs and less headaches.

Advantages for physicians:

Bolster brand and referrals with world-class patient experience
Streamline care and reduce unpaid visits and unneccessary support tasks
Automate remote monitoring and patient tracking
Educate patients to prepare for their procedure reducing cancellations and delays

For Physical Therapists

myHealthTrack is the platform for physical therapists and athletic trainers to remotely extend world-class care through greater guidance, monitoring and outcomes.

Advantages for physical therapists:

Provide a holistic recovery plan including tailored HEP, sports psychologist coaching, nutritional guidance, celebrated activity & mobility milestones and resources for sleep, equipment tutorials and more.
Sell myHealthTrack to patients as a cash- pay, virtual companion extending elite daily support in-between therapy sessions.
Sell myHealthTrack as a cash-pay solution for patients who have run out of insurance- covered therapy sessions.
Use in-app, virtual progress monitoring and automated prompts to drive clinic visits improving lifetime patient value.
Enhance patient loyalty and satisfaction with an elite, extended recovery experience that makes PTs the hero and supports patients throughout their entire journeys.

For Health Systems & Hospital Groups

myHealthTrack is your platform to elevate patient engagement and experience while empowering patients to play an active role in achieving industry leading outcomes.

Advantages for health systems and hospital groups:

Increased care plan adherence and patient satisfaction scores
Evidence based protocol and outcomes benchmarking
Bolster brand by remotely extending world class care delivery

For Payers and Employers

Partner with members and employees to provide them the care they need to return to their lives, and their jobs, faster, stronger and with more confidence.

Advantages for payers and employers:

Higher retention with a happier, more productive employee base
Lower claim costs with reduced complications, re-injury and physical therapy visits
Mental health coaching and Social Support Circles
Weekly provider check-ins and AI tools to track progress
Use AI tools torive medication adherence and opioid reduction
Average days patients spend on the app over the first 90 days post op.
76 days
Average per session time spent.
16 minutes
Feel myHealthTrack has made a significant impact on their recovery.